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The ecosystems help bring new ideas and inventions from the classrooms and research laboratories at DTU into the real world, where they can create new jobs and help solve societal tasks and challenges.

To build stepping stones on each stage of the startup journey DTU have built a strong and cohesive ecosystem between DTU Science Park, PSV (PreSeed Ventures), DeepTech Alliance, DTU Skylab, DTU Entrepreneurship, and Open Entrepreneurship. This is your chance to meet them and hear about DTUs approach to accelerating startups’ way to market.

Our ecosystem tour is for possible partners, customers, startups, curious stakeholders, or if you want to explore what DTU’s innovation ecosystem can do for you or how you can get involved.

Book a tour and get an introduction to different parts of our ecosystem.

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DTU Science Park
One of Europe's leading deep tech communities.

On the trip, you will visit DTU Science Park.

Preseed Ventures
PSV build funds and invest in startups
to clear the path for founders
who build companies that matter.

On the trip, you will visit Preseed Ventures.

DeepTech Alliance

On the trip, you will hear a presentation from DeepTech Alliance.

DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab

On the trip, you will visit DTU Skylab.

DTU Entrepreneurship

DTU Entrepreneurship
We build entrepreneurial capabilities
to benefit people, society and the world

On the trip, you will hear a presentation from DTU Entrepreneurship.

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Open Entrepreneurship
Turning world class research into world class companies

On the trip, you will hear a presentation from Open Entrepreneurship.

Meet 6 different parts of the ecosystem

In DTU Skylab and DTU Entrepreneurship, students, among others, are helped to become deep tech entrepreneurs. DTU Skylab helps tech and deep tech entrepreneurs, regardless of their experience with the entrepreneurial world. DTU Entrepreneurship brings together entrepreneurial research and education under one roof.

When the students have become part of the entrepreneurial world, the next natural step is the DTU Science Park. In the DTU Science Park, companies can continue their journey by participating in various growth programs where they get help to create the proper foundation to scale a company.

Open Entrepreneurship connects experienced entrepreneurs with researchers from Danish universities to explore commercial and innovative opportunities.

DeepTech Alliance is a valuable resource for companies aiming to expand internationally. The DeepTech Alliance provides access to several international business partners, investors, and other companies in the same field.

A journey through the ecosystem can involve funding. PSV (PreSeed Ventures) is an early-stage ventures that build funds, investment vehicles and initatives to clear the way for founders to build companies that matter. Through the two independent venture funds PSV Tech and PSV DeepTech they invest directly in companies in the stages before product/market-fit

A guided tour includes

Welcome and intro to the ecosystem

Visit DTU Science Park

Presentation from DeepTech Alliance

Visit PSV (PreSeed Ventures)

Visit DTU Skylab

Presentation from Open Entrepreneurship

Presentation from DTU Entrepreneurship

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