Hermes Traffic Intelligence have found partners and customers in the community

As a startup from 2010, Hermes Traffic Intelligence needed the facilities that DTU Science Park could offer and as the years have gone by, the company has found both partners and customers among the other companies in DTU Science Park. They have even established a subsidiary with one of their partners.


Networking with likeminded companies helps Aqoola save time and money

In both 2018 and 2019 Aqoola was named a Gazelle company by the financial media Børsen. The community at DTU Science Park is important for Aqoola when they are visited by their customers. Furthermore, in DTU Science Park, Aqoola is daily in close contact with other deep tech-companies on a daily basis.

Positive results in 2019

The opportunity to obtain funding is essential for the companies in DTU Science Park, as they often develop a physical product that requires a CE label etc. to enter the market. In 2019 companies in DTU Science Park have raised a total of DKK 600 million, which is an increase of DKK 200 million since the year before. Furthermore, numbers show that 73% of the companies within in DTU Science Park have launched new products, services or concepts in 2019.

Collaboration between DTU Science Park and DTU

Resen Waves ApS benefits from DTU Science Park’s close collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). This collaboration provides contacts to different institutes at DTU, and furthermore, it gives a unique opportunity to recruit talented people.


Daily sparring within the deep tech environment

Cumulus A/S benefits from being part of DTU Science Park, as it is an innovative community where they get to meet likeminded people with the same interests. A community where deep tech-companies help develop each other’s products through ongoing sparring. Cumulus A/S also uses the knowledge from the events offered at DTU Science Park to improve their products.



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