GreenUP Graduation Dinner




01 February, 2024


Level 3

Elektrovej 331


Kongens Lyngby


Contact person:


Mads Rømer Svendsen

During the last 20 months, the second cohort of the GreenUP Accelerator has succeeded in scaling their companies and shown the potential for an exciting journey ahead!

These are the five graduating companies that we will celebrate:

TEMPTY FOODS solves the challenge of finding appealing plant-based alternatives. Their product, TEMPTY, focuses on taste and nutrition using mycelium and plant-based ingredients for a clean-label-protein option.

Zupply offers a circular material management platform designed for construction teams. This platform streamlines the planning, management, and reuse of building materials. It is an end-to-end software solution that leverages data and automation and optimizing workflows.

4i4 enhances the energy efficiency of ventilation systems (HVACs) post-installation. Their solution plugs into existing systems, offering: Increased efficiency, cost savings on electricity, accurate CO2 emission data for sustainability reports.

Hydrovertic specializes in vertical farming solutions, utilizing hydroponics, and advanced technology to grow crops with minimal water and space requirements, contributing to sustainable agriculture practices.

REXCON is revolutionizing the building industry with their innovative solution ReBLOCK. Adressing new CO2 regulations, ReBLOCK offers a sustainable alternative to current materials. It is a wood-based, reusable, and load-bearing modular building block system for exterior walls, simplifying construction.


17.00-17.20: Networking

17.20-17.30: Welcome by Steen Donner CEO at DTU Science Park.

17.30-18.00: Keynote Cecilie Willer on Founders’ Mental Health

18.00-19.00: Dinner

19.00-19.30: Celebration of the startups

19.30-20.30: Networking


August 15
Kongens Lyngby

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August 23

Sports Festival 2024

Join the Sports Festival 2024 – our annual sports day, where the companies in Lyngby and Hørsholm gather for a day filled with sports and fun.

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