Discovery Day




18 June, 2024


DTU Science Park, Bygning 331, Level 3

Elektrovej 331 Lundtofte


Kongens Lyngby


Contact person:

June 13 12.00

Nicolas Hawtin

+45 31754993

Join the Dual-Use Growth Discovery Day

Your startup may be a perfect match for an urgent need that you are unaware you can solve. Maybe you already see the potential but can’t connect with the right partners and customers.

Join us on Tuesday, June 18, from 14.00 to 18.00 to get answers and measure the potential match.

At the event you will recieve relevant feedback from the partners in Dual-Use Growth: DTU Science Park, National Defence Technology Centre (NFC), Forsvarets materiale- og indkøbsstyrelse (FMI), and PSV (PreSeed Ventures)

As a startup, you will:
· Meet potential investors, customers, and partners
· Get feedback on your challenges and questions
· The opportunity to adapt your questions and answers between the sessions
· Gain insight into how the sector finds, develops, and purchases products and solutions.

With our newest accelerator program, Dual Use Growth, National Defence Technology Centre (NFC) and DTU Science Park, in collaboration with FMI and PreSeed Ventures, want to help your startup unlock the potential of matching your new product or service with the buying power of a customer who has both the need and the buying power to make a difference.

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August 15
Kongens Lyngby

Applied AI Lunch Talks

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August 23

Sportsfestival 2024

Join the Sports Festival 2024 – our annual sports day, where the companies in Lyngby and Hørsholm gather for a day filled with sports and fun.

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