DTU Guidet Tour




24 October, 2024


DTU Science Park, Bygning 331, Level 3

Elektrovej 331 Lundtofte


Kongens Lyngby


Contact person:

Tickets can be purchased until the tour is fully booked.

Rikke Vous Hvidsteen Særkjær

+45 5196 5690

Experience how DTU brings inventions from lab to market


The ecosystems help bring new ideas and inventions from the classrooms and research laboratories at DTU into the real world, where they can create new jobs and help solve societal tasks and challenges.

This is your chance to hear more from PSV, DeepTech Alliance, DTU Skylab, DTU Entrepreneurship, Open Entrepreneurship, and DTU Science Park.

Our ecosystem tour is for possible partners, customers, startups, curious stakeholders, or if you want to explore what DTU’s innovation ecosystem can do for you.

Book a tour and get an introduction to different parts of our ecosystem.

Learn more and register here.


August 15
Kongens Lyngby

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August 23

Sports Festival 2024

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