What does Brexit mean for your company? – A coordination meeting for business promotion in Copenhagen (theme: Brexit)

On 24 December 2020, the European Commission and the British Government came to an agreement on the future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom, which became effective on January 1, 2021. Therefore, the content of the agreement will be touched upon at this meeting.

Among other things, it will be discussed how the agreement will affect Danish companies, as well as opportunities and threats in future trade with the UK 


Agenda for the meeting:


10:00 am – Welcome

v / Liselotte Hohwy Stockholm, Director Copenhagen Business Hub -Erhvervshus Hovedstaden


10:05 am – Embassy of London

The 3 most important points in the agreement and the significance of these for Danish Business

V / State Consultant Esben Egede Rasmussen and Trade Manager Morten Ranieri-Svendsen


10:25 am – Danish Industry

How to guide DI members according to the new terms of trade with the UK”. V / Bertil Egger Beck, Consultant in DI


10:45 am – Export Association

What do companies experience? v / Halldor Halldorsson, Head of branding and relations, Danish Export Association.


11:05 am – 10 minutes Break


11:15 am – Greater Copenhagen EU Office

EU view on the agreement and concrete examples of the consequences

v / Rasmus Mørk, EU Chief Consultant


11:35 am – Copenhagen Business Hub

Current offers in the Business Promotion System V / Kim Bonne, Project Manager


11:50 am – closure

v / Liselotte Hohwy Stockholm, Director Copenhagen Business Hub -Erhvervshus Hovedstaden


Note: This meeting will takes place via. Zoom.