Webinar: Cybersecurity – How to develop cyber-secure solutions.  

Are you interested in hearing from cybersecurity experts? Then join this exciting webinar and gain insight into the many facets of what cybersecurity is. 

At this webinar, you will hear about how cybersecurity can be optimized and how risk analysis is a way to make cybersecurity more accessible, manageable, and systematized. 

The webinar touch on the following topics: 

  • What can a risk analysis do and why start there? 
  • How can you think about cybersecurity in line with other competencies in software development and organization building? 
  • Who takes care about cybersecurity today and how can you go about it in the future? 
  • How can you check if your product or system is impossible to breach by hackers? 
  • What opportunities a two-day course in security-by-design offers, to use cybersecurity as a crucial competitive parameter. 


The webinar will take place Monday, March 8, 2021, from 20:00-20:45.   

Please be aware that the event will be in Danish.   

Read more and sign up here.