Danish medico product from idea to market

This year, the Danish scale-up, Cortrium, will get their device, a cordless heart monitor, out and benefit the Danish hospitals. Hear about their journey from idea to market, and about what it really takes to live up to the authorities' requirements for medical technology.

Innovation and new thinking create faster diagnosis, more accurate examinations and better treatment options, but in the process, many medico-startups and other companies with innovative ideas face great challenges when they begin to understand what it takes to enter the market with their medico product.

The Danish medtech scale-up, Cortrium, has developed a heart monitor. The device is called the C3 Holter Monitor and is cordless, easy to extract data from, has a long battery life and is more comfortable for patients to carry than traditional solutions on the market. The heart monitor will now be the new standard for outpatient cardiac monitoring at six hospitals in Region Zealand. Cortrium monitors are now on the market in 14 countries.

In the webinar, you can hear about Cortrium’s journey from idea to market, hear about their ups and downs as well as what it takes to live up to the high demands on medical equipment.


  • Erik Poulsen, MD, MSc, Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Cortrium
  • Andreas Stochholm, Biomedical engineer, Chief Technical Officer, Cortrium

Read more about Cortrium here 

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