Webinar: Can a digital sparring partner help a team better collaborate? 

You have probably come across conversational interfaces from chatbots before. Chatbots that help you with flights, telephony or insurance. 

For this workshop, Mads Bab will talk about the possibilities of chatbot technology in a completely different context. Namely, to help with management. Learn about the practical experience of using technology to develop a digital sparring partner that helps teams improve their collaboration. Mads shares the experience of a research project run together with the National Institute of Public Health which is funded with almost 4 million DKK. 

In the workshop you are taken “behind the scenes” and get involved with some of the design dilemmas that Mads, and the team of designers have encountered. 

Participate in discussing the opportunities and challenges associated with conversational interfaces and natural language understanding in the development of digital sparring partners. 

About the speaker: 

Mads Bab has 20 years of experience as an advisor in change management, mental health and behavioural design. Today, he is Managing Director of Humanai and designs artificial intelligent sparring partners that support organizations and strengthen processes that are often neglected due to lack of time or economy. 

The webinar will take place Thursday, 28 January 2021 at 17:00-19:00. 

The webinar is free of charge – also if you are not a member of IDA. 

Please be aware that the event will be in Danish. 

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