Webinar: Do you long for time for immersion in your projects? Part 1 

At this webinar, a new way to keep your project manager skills sharp will be presented. 

ProjectReflection is a method created to strengthen your own reflection so that your learning is always relevant to you as a person and to the project.  

This webinar is the first part of five sessions. The webinar will last an hour and it will take place on Zoom. The webinar will reflect informally on one’s own current challenges, and the Project Manager game will be used to ask good “disruptive” questions that help your reflection forward. We reflect together 2-3 people at a time, so you can still reach profoundness in just one hour.  

The webinar will take place Wednesday, February 17 2021 at 17:00-18:00. 

Please be aware that the event will be in Danish.  


The webinar is free of charge – also if you are not a member of IDA.  

Read more about the webinar and the other sessions here.