Effects of the Covid Pandemic on the Atmospheric Environment

In this webinar, we will look at the effect of the shutdowns on the atmospheric environment in Denmark and globally through a series of lectures by leading specialists.

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has led to shutdowns across large parts of the world: first in the spring of 2020 and later during the second wave in the autumn of 2020. The shutdowns have affected our working lives and leisure. A large part of the workforce works at home, which affects private and public transport. The government also advises against unnecessary travel abroad, which especially affects the aviation industry. The closure of shops and stores also affects energy consumption, and the consequences of the closure generally lead to a declining activity in society.

Overall, this means that pollutant emissions are reduced, including greenhouse gases. A study in Nature Communications from 2020 calculated a decrease in global CO2 emissions of almost 9%. The National Center for Environment and Energy – Aarhus University has just issued a memorandum that also shows a decrease in nitrogen oxides and particles during the Danish decommissioning. In this webinar, we will also look ahead and discuss whether the temporary effects will last.


Please be aware that this webinar will be held in Danish

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