Webinar: Experiences with Remote Management during Corona 

At this webinar, which is organized by IDA, managers from Arla Foods Ingredients, AMT Acoustic (China) and Skanderborg Municipality will share their experiences on management during Covid-19 and with a focus on remote management. 

Due to necessity, many of us have been forced to work remotely. This has presented challenges but also created opportunities in relation to management and collaboration. 

Agenda for the webinar: 

  • Intro by Dan Ulrich- Lederforum Midtjylland 
  • General experiences with remote management during the Corona crisis in Danish Industry 
  • Experiences and lessons learned from Arla Foods by Luis Cubel, VP Commercial Arla Foods Ingredient 
  • Experiences with “Long-Distance” management from Denmark to China by Dan Ulrich 
  • Remote management in Skanderborg Municipality during Covid-19 by Jonas Kroustrup, Head of Technology and Environment, Skanderborg Municipality. 
  • Discussion and questions 
  • Recommendations 

Read more about this webinar by following the registration link below.