From prototype to production – how do you choose the right production partner?

It can be really expensive and frustrating for startups to choose the wrong production partner. At this webinar we’ll help startup founders avoid common pitfalls when doing so.

We are joined by product developer, Morten Mogensen, who will share do’s and don’ts regarding agreements, contracts and supply chain. You will also get to meet David Fleischer, CEO in the Futurebox startup, MiWire, who will share insights from his experiences when choosing a production partner for MiWire, where spec sheets, agility, price and delays were critically linked.


  • Welcome to Futurebox by Thomas Klem Andersen, Business developer in Futurebox.
  • What to consider when choosing your production partner by Product Developer Morten Mogensen.
  • Field experiences by David Fleischer, CEO in Futurebox startup MiWire.
  • Q&A with Thomas Klem Andersen, Morten Mogensen and David Fleischer

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