Get 10 points to help you move from small scale to larger production

Are you ready to scale up your company? Or are you considering what to do, once you reach that level? This event will take you a step further into the manufacturing side of things. We will highlight 10 points to consider when moving from prototypes/small scale manufacturing into a much larger scale/mass manufacturing setting.

When still a startup, many often need or prefer to keep manufacturing close by. But once everything starts to scale-up, you become dependent on outsourcing manufacturing to others outside your usual trusted circle and realize that the manufacturing still requires a lot of attention.

Come join us for a morning where we focus on optimizing your transition from startup to scale-up within manufacturing. In collaboration with LM Projects, a global actor in the manufacturing supplier industry with many years’ experience, we will highlight key issues for you to consider.

Welcome to a crash course in which you will most likely need to learn the hard way anyway…


8.00: Arrival and light breakfast

8.30: Welcome to Futurebox

8.35: From startup to scale-up: 10 important points

9.30: Round off

From 10.00 Futurebox members can book 30-minute slots with LM Projects to discuss their own cases.

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