Funding Bazaar 2018 – are you looking for funding?

Soft funding, crowd funding, EU funding, equity funding or loans. There are a lot of opportunities for a capital injection - so come and hear about your funding options.

Funds are looking for applicants

You may not think so, but many funds have difficulty finding applicants for their money. At DTU Science Park’s Funding Bazaar, funds and investors will come and pitch about the many funding options that your company has access to.

Get an overview of the funds – and meet those relevant for you

Several different funds and investors come and pitch about their funding options for you, because then you have the opportunity to meet and talk about your funding needs with exactly those funds or investors that are relevant for you.


8.00-9.00: Arrival and breakfast for all
9.00-9.45: Pitches from funds and investors
9.45-11.30: Networking with funds and investors