Futurebox Pitch & Investment

Invest in a Deep Tech startup!

Futurebox invites to an afternoon with focus on startup investment and pitches from some of the amazing Futurebox deep tech startups.

In Futurebox we work with deep tech startups with the goal of bringing new and innovative discoveries to the market for the benefit of future generations.

For our member startups it’s crucial with access to capital and advice – often combined as “smart money”. So we have put together an afternoon where we first focus on the concept of deep tech startups, the meaning and the possibilities for the investors, followed by an introduction to startup investment, syndication and engagement through advisory or “sweat for equity” schemes. All this to give us a foundation for the following pitches from some of our brilliant member startups.

After the program there will be opportunity to meet other startups, network and see more pitches at our famous Futurebox Fightbox Friday bar, while you enjoy a cold beer or signature cocktails.


14:00 Welcome by Teit W. Knudsen

14:10 Futurebox, deep tech and why it matters by Teit W. Knudsen

14:30 Startup investment by Keystones

15:00 Break

15:10 Pitching – 3 startups pitch

15:55 Break

16:00 Pitching – 3 startups pitch

16:45 Futurebox FIGHTBOX Friday bar

The pitches and presentations are in either Danish or English.

Read more about Keystones here: https://keystones.dk/

Only limited seats available.

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