Webinar: Getting started as a self-employed/independent

Have you just started your own business? Or is it something you are passionate about doing in the future? Then this webinar from IDA is just what you are looking for.

Did you just take the plunge and started your own business? Or do you dream about doing it? Then join this webinar and get advice on how to tackle practical issues, and hear other self-employed, lawyers, accountant and career consultant talk about how the specific problems that you encounter as a new self-employed can be addressed in different situations.

As a brand new self-employed, there are many things to keep track of:

  • When are you self-employed and how do you register your own business?
  • How do taxes and accounting work, and what about tax credits, tax returns and advance payments?
  • Crowdfunding and digital platforms – what is it?
  • How about the relationships with the former employers?
  • What to keep in mind when negotiating a contract?
  • How do you get hold of customers and what about marketing?

These are questions that Djøf and IDA will help you get answers to, whether you are a new self-employed or just about to take the plunge.

You will hear lawyers from both Djøf and IDA who advise and advise members at their own company on a daily basis. Furthermore, you will get financial advice directly from an accounting manager who took the plunge as a business owner. Additionally, you get to hear about marketing through social media from a career advisor. 

At this webinar, you will learn about everything you must know if you want to be self-employed.

The webinar is free of charge – also if you are not a member of IDA.

Please be aware that the event will be in Danish.