GreenUP Accelerator – Meet the Footprint Firm

Futurebox has launched Denmark’s most ambitious accelerator for climate tech startups working with CO2 reduction: GreenUP Accelerator!

Through 20 months your startup will be invited on a journey where you go from being a startup to becoming a scale-up through three dedicated phases and with the ambition of having started sales in international markets by the end of the program.

This webinar is your chance to hear more about GreenUP Accelerator and to meet our partner The Footprint Firm, with whom you will be working closely as part of your journey to becoming a climate tech scale-up! The Footprint Firm is an advisory and investment company that invests in and works with ambitious start-ups addressing the climate crisis.


  • Introduction to Futurebox
  • GreenUP Acclerator: Denmark’s most ambitious accelerator for climate tech startups
  • The Footprint Firm: Investing in ambitious start-ups and helping them realize their impact potential
  • The application and selection process
  • Q&A

Your host during this webinar will be Futurebox Lead Scout, Thomas Hebo Sparring, who will be guiding you through the most important aspects of getting to know GreenUP Accelerator and also welcoming Nikolaj Herskind who is Project Manager with The Footprint Firm who will take you through how they engage with start-ups to help them realize their potential.


Read more about GreenUP Accelerator here: