GUTXY – the future is microbiome-centric

By collecting samples and studying them, Darwin was able to figure out which species lived there and why. Today, next-generation sequencing has opened a whole new world of analyses.


This next-generation sequencing technology lets scientists break samples apart, extract their DNA and identify microbes, in a way never before possible. By using marker genes (16S for bacteria and 18S for eukaryotes,) we can see what microbes are living inside our gut. This sort of “microbiome profiling” permits us to see what our collection of microbes looks like – and it’s exactly what GUTXY (“gut-see”) is all about.

In this webinar, the Founder and CEO of GUTXY, Sofia Popov, will discuss the importance of gut microbes for our overall health, and how we can use our microbiome as a tool for personal wellness. Sofia will give an introduction to microbiome testing, as well as delve into the latest research findings, why the microbiome matters, and how we can sustain gut-healthy habits.

You are what your gut microbes eat!

GUTXY is a gut wellness platform that helps individuals make educated dietary and lifestyle choices by using the microbiome as a tool.

IDA Crowdfunding
GUTXY is currently featured on IDA’s crowdfunding platform (in Danish) where you can read more and support the campaign.