Meet an expert: Get free 1:1 sparring with Force Technology

New offer exclusively for companies in DTU Science Park. Meet industry-specific experts and get free 1:1 sparring.

FORCE Technology: Get unique advice on IoT and advanced sensor technology 

Our expert is Brian Lohse, Ph.D., M.Sc. and Head of Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies from the DTU Science Park company FORCE Technology.

Brian Lohse has extensive knowledge about IoT solutions, advanced sensor technology and can offer advice on your IoT challenge. You can also hear more about how Force Technology can offer to test your prototype, as well as electronics product compliance and tests e.g. CE and EMC, mechanical tests, or cybersecurity. Force Technology can also assist as consortium partners for EU-, Grand Solution-, InnoBooster applications, and similar setups, including match-making.

About Force Technology

FORCE Technology helps companies become technological and sustainable frontrunners. They provide technological consultancy and service, and meet customers through on-site inspection, measurements and data collection. FORCE Technology make their extensive and unique infrastructure of test facilities and laboratories available for testing, calibration and analysis.