Webinar: PMO Strategy, Governance and Mandate – Module 1 

Find out what value a Project Management Office (PMO) strategy can have for you and your company when IDA presents a webinar on how roles and responsibilities (Governance) should be distributed and what mandate the PMO has or must have in order to do its activities. 

Who is this webinar for? 
It is for you working in or with a PMO, or in a company where thoughts about getting a PMO are emerging. 

What will be discussed?
There will be talks about the value of a PMO strategy and what it might look like. There will also be discussions about the Governance structure of a PMO and how the placement of a project office management in the company can promote or inhibit the impact that the PMO contributes. In addition, we need to talk about the important Mandate. What can the PMO determine? When should the PMO be dominant, and when should the PMO be more consultative and give recommendations? 

What do you get as a participant?
You get ideas on how to get started on developing your own PMO strategy. You will get input to the discussions you have in your company about what role the PMO should play in project execution and project selection. 

The webinar will take place Tuesday, 9 February 2021 at 16:00-18:00. 

The webinar is free of charge – also if you are not a member of IDA. 

Please be aware that the event will be in Danish. 

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