Sports Festival 2022

On the 26 August at @14.00, we kick-off this year’s Sports Festival. We  are looking forward to a day full of sports, music, food and good times with colleagues and neighbours.

Stay tuned for the latest news about the event on our website, and join us for the biggest event of the year!  


14.00 The Sports Festival kick-off 

14.15 The first sports disciplines begin 

15.00 Relay race begins 

17.00 Festival food  

18.30 Award ceremony  

19.00 Afterparty  

22.00 We close and say goodnight  

How do I sign up for the Sports Festival?
A contact person has been appointed in your company. You hand in your registration to the contact person no later than 10 June 2022. Your contact person will then turn in one registration for your whole company. If you are in doubt about who your company’s contact person is, please e-mail Nina Salling Dalsgaard at
The contact person hands in one registration for your whole company to Nina Salling Dalsgaard at

Sports disciplines
The Sports Festival is taking place at Agern Allé 24 in Hørsholm. This year, six different disciplines can be competed in. The popular triple match is of course one of the disciplines – this year with mini golf, giant mikado and a new activity; the blind plumber. In addition, you can compete in darts, street football, human football and relay race. The new and sixth discipline this year is padel.

Triple match (in Danish)
Darts (in Danish)
Human Football (in Danish)
Street Football (in Danish)
Relay race (in Danish) (The route will be announced soon)
Padel: This year, the new discipline is padel and it will take place on our two padel courts at Agern Allé 24. Padel is played in doubles – two against two with the possibility of 1-2 substitutes (you can sign up 2-4 pers. per team).
The specific rules will be announced at the end of June, when we know the total number of participants.

Festival food
We will share more information soon.  

The price for participation is the same as previous years; DKK 260 per person including sports and food.
If anyone wishes to participate only during the sports part, the price is DKK 200.
The prices are excluding VAT.

The total amount for all employees will be charged on one invoice. It is up to your company whether you choose to collect any employee contributions.

DTU Science Park covers all other costs. 

After the award ceremony, our house-DJ will turn up the music, and the dancefloor and bar are open until 22.00, where we say goodnight.  

 Any questions?
If you have any questions regarding the Sports Festival, please e-mail Lotte Bonfils Andersen at or Nina Salling Dalsgaard at  

While we wait, enjoy pictures and a video from the sports event in 2019. 

Pictures from 2019


See the video from the Sports Festival in 2019