Tech BBQ

Meet DTU Science Park and Futurebox at Tech BBQ at Lokomotivværkstedet. DTU Science Park has two debates on two different stages.

Our two talks at Tech BBQ:

DTU Science Park:

Path to Scaling & Supporting the DeepTech Ecosystem

We will discuss how the ecosystem can best strengthen startups ability to scale with an experienced panel. What is the current state of the ecosystem and where do we need to improve? We know that deep tech solutions are needed to solve the problems of tomorrow such as the climate changes. But where should we bet? Do we need a more international approach? What are we doing well and what should we do more of?

You will meet Esben Gadsbøll, chairman and co-founder of Danish Tech Startups, Mia Grosen, founder of Canute, and Marianne Hyltoft, DeepTech Fund Director at PreSeed Ventures. The debate is moderated by DTU Science Park’s CEO, Steen Donner.

  • When: 14. september
  • Time: 11.50-12.15
  • Where: Campfire stage (outdoor)


Tips & Tricks for Deep-Acceleration in GreenTech Companies

Meet deep tech companies and program managers from Futurebox acceleration programs who will share learnings, tips, and tricks and talk about cool climate tech solutions that can reduce our CO2e footprint.

At Futurebox, we call it deep acceleration because our team of experts deep dive into all aspects of our deep tech startups and help them create strong foundations for highly scalable businesses.

Today, you will meet the scale-up Enyday that creates “behind-the-meter” energy communities and the startup Zupply that has a circular material flow platform for the construction industry. One company enables more sustainable energy use through solar and another mitigates waste in a high emission sector. Combatting climate change one innovative solution at a time.

  • When: 15. September
  • Time: 10.05-10.45
  • Where: Tech Stage


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