Join a virtual New Year’s shed for business

This year, businesses in Rudersdal Municipality can join the New Year's shed and follow the award ceremony of the new business prize from the home office when Jens Ive and the Municipal Council have a New Year's shed online.

At the online event, Mayor Jens Ive will talk about his visions on the business development in Rudersdal Municipality. Also, Business Committee Chairman Randi Mondorf will talk about the ambition of the Business Panel. This will in 2021 be focusing on sustainable business development and green business opportunities.

By joining this online event, you will get the opportunity to:

  • Get inspiration for green and sustainable business opportunities with contributions from e.g. Business panel chair and CSR expert Tania Ellis.
  • Network and exchange experiences with other local companies about their experiences of working with sustainability in the business
  • Hear presentations from local and award-winning companies talk about their pioneering work on sustainability
  • Participate in the award ceremony of the Business Award 2020


The webinar will take place over Microsoft Teams.