How to get access to China

How, why and what to know about starting business in China

China is a huge market with great potential and possibilities, but also with some obvious obstacles and threats.

Together with Innovation House China-Denmark and AWA, Futurebox offers an in-depth China-workshop for startups and scale-ups looking East.

Come and learn more about how to approach the Chinese market, what to know, what not to do and hear about Match Making sessions and Business Trainings camps in China with investors and partners.

Time Content
15.00 Welcome
15.10 What is China like today? An overview of tech innovation in China
15.30 What’s in it for me? How should you as a Danish tech company take China into consideration?
16.00 BREAK with coffee
16.15 How should you approach a Chinese partner? Cultural markers to be aware of
16.45 What legal aspects should you consider? Intellectual property rights, partner contracts, legal entities in China
17.15 BREAK with light snack
17.30 Working with Chinese Clients on Technology Products. Hear the story of Torsten Valeur, CEO and Design Director of DAVID LEWIS DESIGNERS
18.00 Match making session and business training camps in China
18.15 Q&A
18.30 Thank you for today


Karin Vith Ankerstjerne, General Manager of Innovation House China-Denmark, will be leading the event.

About Innovation House China-Denmark

Innovation House China-Denmark helps Danish businesses with easier access to the huge Chinese market through a mix of practical solutions combined with in-depth local knowledge, and access to a team of advisors who can help navigate the culture, rules and regulations in China.

About Karin Vith Ankerstjerne, General Manager

Karin Vith Ankerstjerne has for more than 15 years been working professionally with international business development for Danish companies seeking know-how and advice on how to succeed in China and how to develop and manage partnerships with Chinese companies.

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