Webinar: Diversity in the tech industry – why and how? 

What impact does equality and gender have on the Danish tech industry?

A strong line-up explores the tech industry and asks questions about why diversity is needed and how diversity is implemented.  

The line-up consists of: 

Hosts and producers of the podcast KarrierekvinderRikke Kristine Østergaard and Naja Lind Rasmussen, Director of Policy and Communication in the IT Industry, Mette Lundberg and CHRO in TDC NET, Hanne Blume. 


  • Diversity – a journey of cognition by Rikke Kristine Østergaard and Naja Lind Rasmussen, hosts and producers of the podcast Karrierekvinder 
  • Why is there a need for diversity in the industry and what challenges does it present? by Mette Lundberg, Director of Policy and Communication IT Industry 
  • How does TDC NET respond to diversity? by Hanne Blume, CHRO in TDC NET 


The webinar will take place Wednesday, April 21, 2021, from 15:00-17:00  

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