Webinar: The search for sustainable proteins – now online! 

Unibio has developed a sustainable and organic technology that converts methane into protein products. This can be used to feed the 3rd world and for animal feed. Join to learn more in this exciting evening webinar. 

CEO Henrik Busch-Larsen and Technical Director Jess Dragheim from Unibio will talk about the production and marketing of sustainable proteins. Unibio has developed a competitive, sustainable and organic fermentation technology that can transform methane from all sources into a highly concentrated protein product. This has resulted in exciting projects. 

The proteins are produced by continuous fermentation in a U-loop fermenter with static mixers and a pump to keep the fluid flowing. The production process is aerobic, with methane gas acting as the carbon and energy source of a bacterial culture. Pure oxygen is used for the oxygenation of the fermentation process, and ammonia is used as a nitrogen source. 

In addition to the bacterial culture and substrates, water and phosphorus, as well as a number of minerals, are used in the fermentation process. Sodium hydroxide and sulphuric acid are used to regulate the pH balance. Phosphate is added as phosphoric acid and the minerals like sulphates, chlorides or nitrates. pH is adjusted to 6.5 and the temperature is kept at 45 degrees. 

The use of methane gas in the production of biogasses is beneficial for the environment since the only by-product is water. 


The webinar will take place Thursday, April 22, 2021, from 18:00-20:00.   

Please be aware that the event will be in Danish.   


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