Workshop with MedTech Bridge

Learn what you need to know when contemplating going for the US market as a MedTech startup. Together with MedTech Bridge, we will provide you with the do’s and don’ts in the US MedTech market and explain why it is essential to bear these in mind early on in your journey. You will also hear the practical experiences from DTC-alumni startups Neurescue and Medtrace.

We will start by having a 1-minute pitch from each one of the participating startups, briefly stating what they are developing and their current stage. This will be followed by a general introduction to the US MedTech market and practical experiences from DTC alumni Neurescue and Medtrace. After a break, we will break out into smaller groups for you to discuss and get feedback on relevant questions. We will wrap up altogether before inviting you to stay for lunch (optional).


Please see the agenda and further info below.


  • Welcome by Futurebox
  • 1-minute pitch by participating startups
  • Introduction to the US MedTech market by Tim Damgaard Christensen
  • Practical experiences from Neurescue and Medtrace
  • Break
  • Discussions and feedback in smaller groups
  • Wrap-up of relevant learnings
  • Lunch (optional)

Who will join?

  • Futurebox in-house startups and alumni
  • Tim Damgaard Christensen, Managing Partner, MedTech Bridge
  • Bjørn Broby, COO, Neurescue
  • Martin Stenfeldt, CEO, Medtrace



In advance of the workshop, please send us:

  • Two lines on your startup in terms of what you are developing and your current stage
  • The most relevant question you want to have answered concerning the US MedTech market.
  • Your most substantial prejudice for why the US MedTech market is “impossible” to win