An international collaboration and innovation platform

The purpose of the DeepTech Alliance is to create an international collaboration and innovation platform where university associated accelerators and incubators, deep tech startups and innovative industrial companies are connected across leading startup accelerators and incubators to develop new solutions for the future industry.

A new and unique platform for established companies

In relation to established companies, the purpose of this project is to give them a unique platform with access to knowledge and insights from the startups’ new ways of applying technologies, to increase their innovation skills and boost their innovation pipeline. All with relatively little effort and low risk.

The aim of DeepTech Alliance

The aim of DeepTech Alliance is to increase the likelihood that deep tech startups with high growth potential and international ambition are supported in their development of technology, prototypes, concepts, business models, marketing channels, etc.

Our aim is to create an alliance that can help deep tech startups get a better stepping stone in an increasing international and competitive world.


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Thomas Klem Andersen

Program Manager

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