What is the Discovery Panel?

The Discovery Panel facilitates discussions with Product Development Managers from Danish and international companies, validating customer fit and market potentials for new sensor technologies. Furthermore, FORCE Technologies facilitates contact with future industrial partners through matchmaking.

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The Discovery Panel can test market relevance in relation to:

  • Competitiveness
  • Pitch
  • Unique selling points

If selected you get:

⭐ Your product tested on market relevancy, commercial viability, competitiveness and unique selling points

⭐ Validation of market relevancy, commercial viability, competitiveness and unique selling points

⭐ New industrial contacts

⭐ Potential partners and customers


A three-step approach – Workshop, recruitment and design panel

The Discovery Panel is a comprehensive focus group methodology developed within the Centre of Advanced Sensor Technology (CAST) at FORCE Technology. The approach evaluates your hardware technologies close to market deployment, and you get the opportunity to meet relevant industry stakeholders.

Identification of the core technical functions of the product

Identification of the product’s unique selling points

Identification and prioritisation of potential application areas and customer segments.

Development of a one-pager

Screening of potential partner companies in FORCE Technology’s customer database

Contacting companies in the potential application areas and customer segments.

A curated panel of relevant stakeholders from the industry

Evaluation of the potential of new markets, industries, and applications

Matchmaking and creation of partnerships with companies for further commercialisation.

FORCE Technology is partner in Futurebox


By FORCE Technology becoming a partner in Futurebox, we are not only entering the innovation and startup environment in Denmark. We also see an opportunity to aid and facilitate the development of technologies of the future, thereby strengthening the Danish Industry,

Brian Lohse, Head of Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies (CAST)
FORCE Technology

The team behind the Discovery Panel

Get in touch:

Kasper Stens Honoré ➡️ ksho@forcetechnology.com

Brian Lohse ➡️ brl@forcetechnology.com

Meiken Hansen ➡️ mnha@forcetechnology.com

Ida Rye Gribsvad ➡️ irg@forcetechnology.com

Elise Katrine Andersen ➡️ ean@forcetechnology.com

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