Are you a climate tech startup? And is your startup ready to make a difference in the world? Then you have come to the right place! This is where you apply for GreenUP Accelerator 2023.

The application itself is short and easy to fill in and it shouldn’t take you more than a few mins (provided that you already have a pitch deck, which we will encourage you to upload with your application). Fill out the form below and we will take a look at your application.


The deadline for applying is 20 February 2023!


We just started our series A Round. We have had numerous soft funding, and we are 12-14 people in the office and with international partners in four countries now. And GreenUP definitely helped us on that journey.

Thomas Fugl, CCO and co-founder

Formality regarding your application
Please press and read the Q&A below to make sure you are qualified for applying to GreenUP Accelerator 2023. If you have any questions, please contact lead scout Kathrine Fogh Albertsen at or call us at 45864100

  1. Q: Should I sign up?
    A: Yes! The application deadline is 20 February 2023. The early bird deadline is 27 January 2023. You need to be a registered company with a VAT/CVR number.
  2. Q: How do you define a Climate tech startup?
    A: A startup that directly or indirectly contributes to reducing CO2e emissions.
  3. Q: Are both phases of GreenUP mandatory?
    A: Both phases are mandatory, but only startups ready for the Scale-up phase will proceed.
  4. Q: We’ve been through an acceleration program already. Can we skip the Startup phase of GreenUP?
    A: No, participation in the Startup phase is mandatory, and although you have been through an acceleration program before, we still have a lot you can learn in the Startup phase. Ask other startups from the program if you are in doubt.
  5. Q: It is a requirement to have a working prototype. How do you define that?
    A: Obviously, product development never stops, and we don’t expect you to have a “finished” product. However, we expect you to have a prototype that you have been working on and can show some initial test results.
  6. Q: I’m a solo founder. Can I sign up?
    A: No. You need to be a team of at least two full-time people. And out of the school, of course.
  7. Q: Who can participate?
    A: Any startups with a direct or indirect contribution to CO2 reduction. We don’t discriminate by age, gender, university (or degree), or background. In fact, the more diversity, the better.
  8. Q: Is attendance required?
    A: Yes, attendance is mandatory for meetings and everyday gatherings, but it is optional to be in Futurebox daily.
  9. Q: Do I have to move in?
    A: No, you don’t have to move in. But we recommend you do so. You’ll benefit much more from the program, the team and the other startups if you’re here daily. Rent is free during the program – and our coffee is excellent. It’s delivered from a great startup!

Fill out the form below and we will take a look at your application:


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