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Who are the mentors?

More than 120 industry relevant and experienced mentors are part of DeepTech Mentoring. We have an incredibly great mix of serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, board members, business angels, industry experts and much more.

In addition to their invaluable experience, all mentors are participating in tailor-made mentor training and are certified as mentors in DTU Science Park.

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Interested in DeepTech Mentoring?

In DeepTech Mentoring we match you with a customised team of mentors, who will work specifically with you and your company. When enrolled in DeepTech Mentoring, you get honest feedback on your challenges. In return, we expect that you are open to new ideas, willing to expose yourself and not afraid of being vulnerable.

In other words: Embrace the mentors’ willingness to help you. The goal for everybody is to get YOU faster to the market.

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Thomas Hebo Sparring

Program Manager

Tel: +45 5196 2235


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