Climate impact assessment

Already now, and even more in years to come, companies focusing on technology which addresses CO2 reduction are gaining increasing interest from investors, customers, and governments. In order to be recognized as a true contributor to the CO2-challenge, validation of your startup’s CO2 reduction footprint, now and in the future, is needed.
This is why we will both assess and train you to do a self assessment with research based, accredited tools recognized and acknowledged by leading investors in this field. Our aim is to make you stand out as a credible trustworthy startup within the CO2 reduction agenda.
In order to measure the positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions of your climate tech solution, we use an accredited research based climate impact forecasting tool. The tool is based on the life cycle assessment methodology which takes into consideration your solution’s life time reduction and emission from material extraction, manufacturing, over usage to recycling. 

Sustainability business models

To become a successful impact startup, you need to have a thorough understanding of the different business models that leverage sustainability. In GreenUP Accelerator, The Footprint Firm will teach you the full range of sustainability business models.
You will be able to describe the mechanism by which your company creates impact, how you leverage sustainability to become a profitable business and how to communicate your impact and business model clearly to your stakeholders.

Sustainability accounting

A climate tech startup needs to know how to account and report on their CO2e emissions and other sustainability KPIs. In the GreenUP Accelerator, The Footprint Firm will train you to calculate and report your CO2e emissions on scope 1-3 according to GHG Protocol standards.
You will also learn to define and communicate sustainability KPIs that enhance your company’s profile towards the right stakeholders.

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