A team of mentors - just for you

What makes our mentor program special is the concept of deploying a team of mentors customised for your needs. You are matched with three mentors with different profiles and competences. In this way, all aspects of your company’s growth opportunities will be nutured.

All three mentors are participating in all meetings, making the mentor meetings dynamic, innovative and extremely fruitful for you.

Who are the mentors?

More than 100 industry relevant and experienced mentors are part of DeepTech Mentoring. We have an incredibly great mix of serial entrepreneurs, CEOs, board members, business angels, industry experts and much more. In addition to their invaluable experience, all mentors are participating in tailor-made mentor training and are certified as mentors in DTU Science Park.

All mentors are handpicked and works voluntary. They all sign our DeepTech Mentoring Code of Conduct, which covers confidentiality, conflicts of interest, best mentoring practice and ethical guidelines.

Read DeepTech Mentoring Code of Conduct here


Get to know a handfull of the mentors

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Christian Holm Jönsson
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Mogens Bjerre
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Mikkel Næsager
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Pia van der Zee
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With mentoring you get specific and exclusive sparring

Companies enrolled in DeepTech Mentoring will receive valuable sparring on issues relevant specifically for them. The mentor meetings are usually about subjects such as strategic direction, business model, go-to-market strategies, sales, partnership agreements, team, patent applications and funding. And, of course, some good advice on prioritising time, finances and resources.

Mentor meetings

Mentors in the DeepTech Mentoring program

Mentees who have been through the program

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Who can participate in DeepTech Mentoring?

DeepTech Mentoring is free of charge and exclusively for:

  • Companies in DTU Science Park
  • Startups in Futurebox
  • Pre-startups (researchers) from DTU
  • Startups in DTU Science Park’s acceleration programs
  • Startups in DTU Link’s acceleration program and incubation


The mentor program has been vital for the development of ZenzeTech and receiving our first investment.

We found our fourth co-founder through the mentor program, and the mentors guided us in multiple pivots which changed our product and shortened our time to market by several years. We would never have been where we are today without our mentors.

Christian Bygballe Haahr, CEO and Co-founder

Structured and well-proven approach

DeepTech Mentoring is established in 2014 and developed in partnership with MIT and the MIT Venture Mentoring Service.

More than 200 companies have been through the program, where quality remains a key component. All mentor meetings are organised by the mentoring administration and facilitated by a lead mentor. Mentees are responsible for sending out agendas and recaps of of all meetings. Apart from the mentors’ unique and voluntary contribution, the meeting structure and the preparation of all meetings by all parties are key success factors.

Mentees normally participate in the program for six months. Meetings take place monthly with a predefined structure. The first meeting has a duration of two hours, the following meetings 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Why should you engage in mentoring?

“A fledgling venture is more likely to thrive when an idea, good business planning, and an entrepreneur are matched with proven skills and experience”

– One of the Core Principles of MIT Venture Mentoring Service

Learning from mentors is key:

Source: Hello Tomorrow – How to build a successful deep tech acceleration program

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Qualified mentor sparring ensured growth for JJ X-Ray

JJ X-Ray is today part of DTU Science Park’s mentor programme. The process with the mentor team has helped lift JJ X-Ray.

Read about what JJ X-ray gained from the mentor programme


Lotte Bonfils Andersen

Program Manager

Tel: +45 2336 0407


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