Tempty Foods

Tempty Foods is a participant in GreenUP Accelerator 2022. The Danish food-tech startup, Tempty Foods, founded at Denmark’s Technical University is officially becoming the first company in the world to use Marlow Ingredient’s mycoprotein.

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RE-ZIP participated in GreenUP Accelerator 2021. RE-ZIP is a reusable packaging concept for e-commerce. When reusing the same cardboard box or cardboard bag three, four or five times, 87% CO2 can be saved. Hear Thomas Fugl, CCO and co-founder of RE-ZIP explain their journey in GreenUP and where they are now.

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Reflow participated in the GreenUP Accelerator 2021. Reflow makes a software that makes it possible for companies to make difficult Life cycle assesment calculations themselves.

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We were 4-5 people when we began the GreenUP Accelerator 16 months ago, and now we are more than ten people working at Enyday. We have a clear product-market-fit. We have validation from our customers. All in all, we are turning into a real business that thinks about distribution channels etc.

Christopher Tolstrup, CEO


Zupply is a participant in GreenUP Accelerator 2022. Zupply has the vision to accelerate the transition of the construction industry towards zero waste and carbon neutrality. This is done through material management and a circular platform. The platform supports the client’s planning and tracking of their materials during construction activities.

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Seasony is a participant in GreenUP Accelerator 2021. They are making the future of vertical farming profitable, scaleable and sustainable. This video was shot just after they had finished the Startup phase. See what they were expecting of the rest of the program.

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