BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR – (New program from

Many people have an aspiration to break out of their present organization and jump into a startup. They would like to realize their dreams and potential in an entrepreneurial context. Fortunately, many people can leverage from years of leadership in private businesses, NGOs or in the public sector. Experience and skills that are in high demand in small companies with ambitions to become the next global enterprises. Profounders will support your ambition of a new business adventure.

A new program for people at work

The programme embraces people from all strands of society regardless of background, education, work experience and age. We think the characteristics are individuals with a passion for solving the climate challenges, who are adaptive to new ways of thinking and working and have the personal risk-taking mindset to act and succeed as an entrepreneur.


Free but challenging

The programme is entirely free for participants as we believe price shouldn’t be a barrier for great entrepreneurs and ideas to succeed. What we’re requiring from you is a strong commitment, both in time and effort throughout the 3 steps of the programme. Our selection process will make sure that only motivated, dedicated, and passionate applicants will be offered a sea


Risk-Free – From discovery to full-time

The programme embarks you on a risk-free journey where you start exploring the entrepreneurial world on weekends only (step 1), move with your team onto developing your solution during evenings on our online platform (step 2), and finally become a full-time entrepreneur with a purposeful career co-owning an impact startup (step 3).


Global Network – In the Nordics and beyond

The programme has world-class trainers and coaches who are tailored to your needs, as an individual, as a team, and as a startup. Our network of dedicated mentors will assist you throughout the programme on the more specific aspects of your growth and your impact. Finally, we offer access to large network of investors and VC network, commercial partners, and alumni.


It will all take place in Futurebox, which is part of DTU Science Park and the application deadline is 21 June 2021

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