smart innovation dtu science park

New market opportunities through Smart Innovation

Logos Logit is a data logging company working to develop IT systems and hardware for all types of technical monitoring and inventory management. In response to the challenges of facing multiple markets, Logos Logit participated in DTU Science Park's innovation programme, Smart Innovation.

During the programme, small and medium sized companies get sparring with relevant experts on new opportunities to grow and achieve commercial success. Part of the purpose of Smart Innovation is that the participants gain new market opportunities. And it was especially this opportunity that helped Logos Logit.

“We wanted to expand our product range to other industries and therefore needed to incorporate more technologies in the products. That required intensive knowledge and we needed to figure out whether we should outsource this part or not. Then, as manna from heaven, I talked to a consultant from DTU Science Park, and he mentioned Smart Innovation to us.”- Jannik Holm, CEO, Logos Logit