New and modern laboratories in Hørsholm

Companies renting space in the new laboratories will get access to modern high-tech laboratory facilities that are tailored to your needs and to Denmark’s strongest cluster within life science.

Most companies working in labs need special equipment and specialized facilities. And the new labs will offer just that: Created space specifically for your company’s research and product development. We also offer flexibility in the size of the lease.

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2970 Hørsholm

Type Laboratories

Yearly cost per m² 3,700 kr.

Size 30-6,000 m²

Lab - bright and friendly
new and modern laboratory building - Backyard
lab view
Wild nature
lab office room
Area around the lab
Lab office
The Science Park from above

Become part of Denmark’s leading life science community

The new and high-tech laboratories consist of three buildings of each 6,000 m2, one-third of which will be the laboratory and two-thirds will be office space distributed over leases of various sizes. The building is designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. Regardless of whether you are a startup, scaleup, or established company, we have room for you. The building has a state-of-the-art design and a wonderful location in the forest with a direct view of the forest’s flora and fauna.

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DTU Science Park

High-tech laboratory buildings

Our laboratories are equipped with a range of equipment and services that ensure that you can carry out your work optimally. You will find, among other things:

  • LAF benches, ensure sterile working conditions
  • Stinky cabinets for handling chemicals and toxic fumes
  • Autoclave for sterilization of equipment
  • Air ventilation, which ensures clean air during work
  • Laboratory classes 1 and 2, and classes 3 and 4 can be requested
  • We have the option of creating clean rooms that you can furnish yourself if you need a clinically clean room

If you are in doubt about what you need in your laboratory, you can get a tour of an existing laboratory to get inspiration. We can then create the laboratory that suits you and your company.

This is why you should choose DTU Science Park

When you rent a laboratory in DTU Science Park, you benefit from a wide range of services that ensure that you can focus on the most important thing: developing your ideas and business.

You get, among other things, access to:

  • Staffed reception
  • Lunch scheme, canteen, and coffee bars
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free networking events
  • Connections to advisors, mentors, and investors
  • Easy access to DTU (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Free parking
  • Prototype workshop
  • Advice and sparring from our innovation consultants
  • Specially designed growth programs for your company—i.e., in collaboration with DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

If you choose DTU Science Park, we offer


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Sine Gammelgaard-Schmidt

Managing Head of Lettings

Tel: +45 2225 7300


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