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Scale your technology in a lucrative market

Dual-Use Growth is DTU Science Park’s newest accelerator program, designed to support companies working with technologies that can be used both commercially and for defense purposes. The program is supported by the NFC (National Defense Technology Center) with PSV Core, the evergreen investment arm of the venture firm PSV, as a partner.

Get help clarifying your company’s potential 
Dual-use encompasses a wide range of technologies and products. Your startup may be the perfect solution to a defense-related challenge you haven’t yet realized you can solve. Or you may see the potential but need help connecting with the right partners and customers. In Dual-Use Growth, we help you clarify whether your startup has potential within the defense industry. If it does, we assist you with both market access and capital.

Could defense become your market?
Many common and widely adopted technologies were originally developed for defense purposes. The defense industry can be a catalyst for scaling your technology faster and validating it for the commercial market.

Facts om deltagerne i vores programmer

DKK 0 mio.

De skaffer finansiering – de deltagende Med tech-startups i Danish Tech Challenge 2023 har på 5 måneder rejst 10.158.813 DKK. 


Videnstunge mentorer – Der er 33 mentorer inden for med tech i DTU Science Parks mentorprogram DeepTech Mentoring. 


Med tech-Startups – Vi kender til de specifikke udfordringer med tech-startups har. De seneste 10 år har vi igennem vores vækstprogrammer hjulpet 64 startups der arbejder med løsninger indenfor med tech. 


Community – Hos DTU Science Park får du et uundværligt netværk. I hele DTU Science Park bor der mere end 38 med tech-virksomheder.

As a participant in Dual-Use Growth, you get:

  • A product roadmap guiding you all the way from an idea to a sale to the defense sector.
  • An investment plan that supports your product roadmap.
  • 1:1 coaching with leading experts on your main challenges.
  • Direct access to financial advice and funding from the DTU-born investor, PSV Core
  • A team of highly qualified mentors with relevant experience from the defense sector from our MIT-based mentor program.
  • A unique community of like-minded deep tech companies.
  • Free office space for you and your team, including access to workshop facilities.

Does your technology match?

Are you unsure if your startup is a fit for the program? Here is a selection of the technologies Dual-Use Growth focuses on:

Maritime technologies

Technologies that are applied at sea.

Underwater technology

Technologies for monitoring and securing beneath the sea's surface as well as on and below the seabed.

Airborne technologies

Technologies for use in air and space or for supporting these activities.

AI and system integration

Technologies within artificial intelligence and system integration.

Energy and green transition

Technologies focusing on new forms of energy and efficiency in energy consumption.

New materials

The development of new and innovative materials.


Technologies for treating, curing, or preventing injuries and diseases.

Tidligere medtech-startups i vores vækstprogrammer


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Examples of dual-use

Many research-intensive products and services initially found their primary applications in the defense sector – see three historical examples here:


GPS technology, ensuring that the burger you ordered online arrives while it's still hot, originated and was exclusively reserved for the military until the mid-90s.

Nano foil

Nanostructures in plastic films, for example, can be used to create anti-adhesive coatings on molds, as well as to camouflage and conceal military vehicles.

Tea bags

Tea in small bags originally were used as samples. However, when customers mistakenly placed the bags directly in water, the tea bag was invented. It didn't become widespread until soldiers during World War One adopted the invention for practical reasons.

How does it work?

Out of all applicants, seven startups are selected to begin the program and participate in a three-week boot camp.

After completing the boot camp, five startups are chosen, who will continue into an eight-week sprint-period. The sprint is structured around individually selected focus areas and shared focus areas, such as financing and sales

The program will run for three months, and throughout the entire period, physical facilities at DTU Science Park, including desk space, meeting rooms, and workshops, will be available.

After the first sprint, there may be an opportunity to participate in two additional sprints in 2025.

Important dates in the program

18 June 2024

Discovery Day

Meet potential partners, investors, and customers, and get help clarifying whether your technology has a potential within the defense sector.

24 June 2024

Application deadline

1-9 July 2024

Selection of startups for the program

All applying startups will be notified whether they have been selected for the program or not.

19 August 2024


Seven startups will be selected to participate in a three-week bootcamp.

9 September 2024

First sprint begins

Five startups will continue to the first sprint, an eight-week sprint focusing on joint and individual challenges.

2 November 2024

Demo Day

The program is concluded with a demo day, where startups have the opportunity to showcase their product to the defense sector, investors, and potential partners.

12 måneders skræddersyet forløb, der klæder din virksomhed på til succes

Indledende Bootcamp: tre uger

Beskriv indhold af bootcamp. 

Under bootcampen kræves der fysisk fremmøde 2-3 gange om ugen.


Fem virksomheder udvælges til et otte ugers sprint-forløb. Sprintet er skræddersyet til den enkelte virksomhed og tager afsæt i specifikke udfordringer og målsætninger, den enkelte virksomhed sidder med.

Under sprints kræves der fysisk fremmøde 1-2 gange per måned.

Improve your chances of funding

Dual-Use Growth improves your chances of securing funding.

Through individual counselling, pitch training, and access to investors, we ensure that you are well-prepared when seeking funding.

Dual-Use Growth has PSV Core as a partner.

PSV Core originates from DTU and is part of the venture firm PSV. They specialize in bridging groundbreaking research, startup funding, and society. With over 20 years of experience from +450 startup journeys, the PSV team provides advice on the funding journey, investment readiness assessment, and identification of the individual startup’s key inflection points towards the next stage.

PSV Core will be part of the program’s selection jury and has allocated potential funding for the best-performing startups. PSV Core will also facilitate dialogue and counselling with the two PSV venture funds, PSV Tech and PSV DeepTech.


Meet our growth team

When you participate in one of our programs, you receive mentoring from the growth team’s subject matter experts you need.

Our growth team consists of highly qualified experts who guide you throughout the process. Here, you can get advice on everything from business development to recruitment as part of the program.

Collaborate with our corporate partners

At DTU Science Park, several corporate partners collaborate with startups through acquisitions, investments, or access to unique knowledge.

We act as the bridge between you and them and can assist in finding the right match for your company.

Vækstprogram for bæredygtige startups

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