Sustainability and innovation united in GreenUP Accelerator

DTU Science Park’s new acceleration program, GreenUP Accelerator, has one ambitious aim: To scale up climate tech startups working with CO2 reduction.


Read more about GreenUP Accelerator here (in Danish)

Delebil, Kinto Share

Sharing economy promotes sustainability

Sharing economy is an efficient way of using resources that promotes sustainability. In DTU Science Park, we offer our companies different shared services in smart and sustainable ways.

Read more about how sharing economy promotes sustainability in DTU Science Park (in Danish)

Forskerparken hørsholm

Sustainability in construction in DTU Science Park

DTU Science Park differs from other science parks. In our deep tech-community, Danish and international deep tech-companies work side by side and carry out scientific research daily. As Denmark’s leading community for deep tech companies, it is in our DNA to make sure that the built environment is well-thought out for our 290 companies. This includes ensuring that sustainability becomes a fundamental element in our future constructions.

Read more about sustainability in construction in DTU Science Park here (in Danish)