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The leading deep tech incubator and accelerator in Denmark!

Futurebox is the leading Danish deep tech and hardware incubator and accelerator.

We supply strong mentors, business developers, tech advisors, investors, acceleration programs, access to fundraising and DTU.
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Challenge your deep tech startup – be incubated at Futurebox

Are you a hardware or deep tech startup? Do you want to excel your business? Then the Futurebox incubator is just the place for you.

The objective of the incubation program is to help you as a deep tech startup identify and develop a scalable business model.

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The Futurebox Team

Our team is comprised of experienced business developers, mentors, community builders, communication experts, serial entrepreneurs and startup coaches. We will keep you on track with KPIs, give constructive feedback and make sure that your time spend in our incubation will be a life-changing experience!

In addition to our core team we have external specialist we use for legal, accounting, patenting, product development, funding, pitch training and sales training.

Everything we can do to make sure you succeed with your startup!

Team Mentoring makes the difference

Mentor programmes are not new. They’ve been around for centuries. Our special take on the whole concept is the idea of a mentor team.

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Peter Jespersen

Head of Incubation

Tel: +45 4061 0576


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