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Join Denmark’s leading growth program for hardware startups. Every year, 20 ambitious companies compete for the Industriens Fond Entrepreneurship Award of DKK 500,000.

Are you working with climate-friendly and green solutions? Transition from startup to scale-up in 20 months through a targeted growth program, where up to one million DKK in funding is provided.

Targeted programs that connect strong tech incubators and ambitious scaleup companies. Here, the international connections that can take your product abroad are created.

EIT Urban Mobility works to improve conditions and mobility in European cities. The program is for startups that help solve the challenges in the cities in an innovative and CO2-reducing way.

Need help finding the right program?

Let us assist you in finding the right growth program. We aid both startups and scale-ups in entering the market quicker through our programs.

DTU Science Park has helped secure millions in funding for deep-tech startups

Every year, we assist innovative startups participating in our programs in securing millions of kroner in funding and valuable relations with business partners.

The programs are aimed at the country’s most ambitious startups within deep tech. Here, you gain access to expert advice and up to 75 hours of individual coaching in disciplines essential for running a successful business.

We enable you to transition from startup to scale-up and attract investor capital into your company in a short span, helping your company’s growth opportunities and product development.

The courses are targeted, ambitious, and tough to push, test, and develop participants. In a selection process, only the strongest and most ambitious companies remain – and the reward is potential investments to promote the development in the company.

Have big dreams within deep tech? Become a part of DTU Science Park and enroll in one of our growth programs.

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Get help to raise capital

Funding is essential for most deep tech startups. However, it can also be a long and difficult process without the right knowledge – especially if it’s your first time raising capital.

Our Investment Manager can advise you on which investors are the best match. He also helps develop a funding strategy and build a pitch deck so you stand as strong as possible in front of potential investors.

Professional consultation with our experts

Our growth team of competent and experienced professionals will help you take the next step. Get help with your patent application, business development, and everything to grow your business.

The growth team offers 1:1 consultation and help wherever you need it.

Collaborate with our corporate partners

At DTU Science Park, we have a range of corporate partners who collaborate with startups and provide investment or access to unique knowledge.

We act as the link between you and them and can assist in finding the right match for your company.

Corporate partners

Kristine Sylvest Brinks

Program Manager

Thomas Heebo Sparring

Program Manager

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