DTU Science Park

One of Europe's leading clusters for deep tech companies

We are dedicated to creating a more sustainable daily routine for the companies residing with us. The goal is a DGNB Gold certification in 2025.

Professionals, experts, and administrative staff ensure that DTU Science Park operates daily.

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We create the space for deep tech innovation

This is the place where new standards are set, and the future is created.

DTU Science Park is one of Europe’s most prominent and leading communities for deep tech companies. We house some of the largest and smallest companies within life science, biotech, medtech, and robotics. We run internationally recognized growth programs for startups and offer companies facilities and services that create optimal conditions for growth.

The company was founded in 1962 with a clear purpose: To help companies bring innovation to life. That was the purpose then, and it still drives us today. Read about DTU Science Park’s history here.

DTU Science Park is owned by DTU, one of the leading technical universities in the world, and the close connection to DTU enables us to collaborate closely in all areas of deep tech.

We offer the best surroundings and facilities for ambitious deep tech companies, both Danish and international. We have an energetic and open community where we work closely with the over 300 companies that call us home. We take responsibility for creating the right connections providing deep tech companies with the best conditions to grow and innovate.

Our values

Here, you can learn more about our vision and values.

We are at the forefront

We win together.

We take pride in decency.

The history of DTU Science Park

Since its foundation in 1962, a lot has happened with DTU Science Park – and we are constantly trying to make initiatives that can improve us. Below, you can see some of the defining impacts in our history

The Research Center is established

DTU Science Park is established in Hørsholm as a state-owned project under DTU's research park and is named Forskningscentret (Research Center). The Ministry of Education was behind the establishment to create facilities to promote the development of job opportunities in Denmark.

Planting of the Arboretum

The area is planted, and collaboration is initiated to conduct experiments. Students from the University of Copenhagen still use the area today to observe how pruning is conducted.

Arne Jacobsen presents his plan.

Architect Arne Jacobsen presents his plan for the area in Hørsholm, including the farm Venligheden, which has a funny story. To enter Hørsholm town, until the 1820s, one had to pass through a gate where vigilant watch was kept over who came and went. This led a nearby farm owner to open his field roads for traffic from Birkerød into Hørsholm. The farm was named Venligheden (the Kindness).

The first companies move in

Using funds from the American Marshall Aid, which were support funds the USA had provided to European countries post-World War II. ElektronikCentralen, BioCentralen, and Vandbygningsinstituttet are among the first companies to move into the Research Center.

The Sports Festival is held for the first time.

The Sports Festival makes its debut. Since then, it has become one of the year's highlights, with more than 1,000 employees participating annually.

Construction of laboratories begins

To accommodate the needs of the burgeoning bio-industry, we begin constructing technical laboratories - starting with Lærkehuset.

DTU purchases the Research Center

The Technical University of Denmark purchased the Research Center; thus, it is no longer state-owned. This also means we expand to Lyngby, where a new department starts up. At the same time, the Research Center changed its name to Scion DTU.

Launching startup services

Our growth programs aimed at startup companies are established to foster growth and promote their development.

The beginning of Danish Tech Challenge

Danish Tech Challenge's growth program starts with the Industriens Fond's support. The program helps hardware startups who develop hardware products.

We change our name to DTU Science Park

Scion DTU changed its name to DTU Science Park, as we know it today.

Deep Tech Alliance is established.

The international collaboration Deep Tech Alliance aims to provide start-ups and scale-ups access to the international ecosystem through partnerships with European companies and universities.

Targeted efforts towards achieving DGNB Gold certification

In 2021, DTU Science Park initiated a targeted effort towards achieving a DGNB certification. The goal is to obtain a gold certification by 2025, which will serve as an endorsement of over 400 sustainability parameters.

Shared services

Our shared services give you the best opportunities to develop and grow your business. Here, we handle all the practical aspects that don’t contribute to your development.

  • Reception
  • Cafeteria
  • Technical services
  • Building and green area
  • Maintenance
  • Meeting rooms
  • Postage, printing, and copying
fælles reception
Fælles reception

Companies in DTU Science Park

315 companies with +5,000 employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we provide answers to some of the questions we frequently receive about DTU Science Park. Please get in touch with us if you don't find the answer you're looking for.

DTU Science Park is owned by DTU, but it is an independent company serving over 300 deep tech companies as customers. One of DTU Science Park’s locations in Lyngby is situated adjacent to DTU on the DTU Campus.

DTU Science Park’s history began in Hørsholm in 1962 when the Science Park was founded under the name “Forskningscentret.” In 2004, the name was changed to “Scion DTU,” in 2018, it was further changed to “DTU Science Park.”

We regularly seek new and talented colleagues. Read more about who we are looking for right here.

We have branches in both Hørsholm and Lyngby. See the addresses here.

All companies working with deep tech can rent space and make it their daily workplace.

We take care of all the practical aspects and offer ambitious growth programs for development and production. Additionally, we serve as the link between you and potential investors. Here, you become part of a unique deep tech community.

What is deep-tech?

“At DTU Science Park, we are among Europe’s leaders in deep tech. Deep tech is a unique industry where the path to the market is long. It requires cost-intensive development and a complex journey to have a finished product.”

Deep-tech virksomheder i DTUS Science Park