We understand Deep Tech

Deep tech originates from strong research capabilities, disruptive solutions, and advanced industrial technologies

What is Deep Tech?

Deep tech is unlike other technologies. It involves lengthy, advanced, and resource-intensive development, often following a complex route to a market that may not even exist yet. At DTU Science Park, we understand the industry and create the framework to be the country’s leading and most attractive deep tech community.

Deep Tech is complicated and demanding

Working with deep tech requires innovation, strong research, a sustainable business model, and patience.

Over the past decade, technology, digital solutions and the pharmaceutical industry have advanced tremendously with the help of innovative, research-based solutions.

Today, deep tech companies worldwide are working to develop and achieve even more – and the boundaries and possibilities are constantly evolving. That is why deep tech is complicated and demanding, yet exciting, with the potential to change our world.

Deep tech definition

Deep tech refers to complex and innovative solutions that have undergone extensive development and are challenging to replicate. These advancements result in significant disruption within their respective industries. Typically, these solutions are patent-protected and thoroughly tested through research, experimentation, and science.

Therefore, the company responsible for these solutions has also invested considerable time and money to produce a finished product.

Hvad er deep tech?

Become smarter about deep tech

Boston Consulting Group and Hello Tomorrow describe characteristic challenges and dynamics in the report From Tech to Deep Tech.

Companies in DTU Science Park

315 companies with +5,000 employees

We are Denmark's largest deep tech community

There are many different types of companies, but some of the most common are:

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Biotech companies

use biological systems, living organisms, or their derivatives to develop new treatments and medications.

Medtech companies

produce medical equipment and technologies used for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring medical conditions.

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Foodtech companies

develop new technologies to improve food production and crop yields and minimize food waste.

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Cleantech companies

develop new solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

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Agrotech companies

develop technologies to optimize agriculture, reduce environmental impact, and enhance food production.

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Pharma companies

manufacture drugs and medications based on chemical syntheses and formulations.

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Greentech companies

develop new solutions to reduce our environmental impact.

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Proptech companies

develop technology to improve the way we build, own, and live in homes, including through the use of IoT solutions.

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Nanotech companies

develop new technologies based on nanomaterials.

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Healthtech companies

develop new technologies to improve human health.

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Spacetech companies

develop new technologies to explore and utilize space.

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AI companies

develop new technologies based on artificial intelligence.

Join a unique community at DTU Science Park

At DTU Science Park, we have the country’s leading deep tech community. As a company with us, you gain access to valuable guidance, state-of-the-art facilities, attractive investors, and knowledge.

Become a part of a development environment where everyone breathes and lives for high-tech solutions and understands the industry’s opportunities and challenges.

At DTU Science Park, you get the necessary resources and an easier path to the market.

Financing as a major challenge

To develop a product that stands out as new and innovative, securing funding to develop the product is necessary. Without financing, the company cannot survive.

Thanks to the long and complicated path to market, funding is one of the biggest challenges for startups and scaleups in the deep tech industry.

Startups and scaleups in the deep tech industry often receive investments from private investors, public funds, or other companies.

Collaboration is essential in deep tech

Access to knowledge is crucial for deep tech companies. This knowledge comes from universities, mentors, subject-matter experts, other companies, and stakeholders.

Cross-collaboration is crucial for deep tech companies to evolve and become investment-ready.

Deep tech companies are interested in technical and industrial knowledge that can advance their development. As part of the development, it is also essential to have the proper facilities in terms of equipment and laboratories.