Matchmaking creates synergies and growth

“Your network is your net worth”

Overview and a strong network open the door to new opportunities.

We build bridges between companies in the park, our internal value offerings, as well as external partners and ecosystems. Contact us to learn more and get matched with the partner you're missing.

Skaler startup med mentorer og accelerationsprogrammer

Internal value offerings

We offer a wide range of internal value offerings, including our skilled mentors, acceleration programs and the internationally recognized DeepTech Alliance for scale-ups.


Investor network

We have an extensive network of external investors, including Preseed and Keystones, interested in investing in promising startups and scale-ups. We assist you in connecting with the right investors.


We have close ties to DTU and can refer you to specific institutes and research centers relevant to your business needs.

DTU Science Park community

Other universities

In addition to DTU, we also have connections with the University of Copenhagen (KU) and Aalborg University (AAU). This can open doors for collaboration opportunities and exchanging knowledge and resources.

DTU Science Park community

Corporate partners

We work closely with a range of corporate partners and are happy to assist you in finding potential collaborators who can open doors to new markets, technologies, or resources.


International hubs/partners

We have established connections with various international hubs and partners. This enables you to explore global opportunities and expand your network across borders.


Advocacy groups

We have established connections with relevant advocacy groups that can support your specific industry. These organizations can offer insights, networks, and resources crucial to your success.


Project collaborations / consortia

We can facilitate project collaborations and consortia between companies in DTU Science Park and other stakeholders. These collaborations can lead to innovation, the development of new products or solutions, and access to funding.

Deep tech mentor program

When you reside in DTU Science Park, you gain exclusive and complimentary access to Denmark’s most extensive mentor program for deep tech companies.

Get fresh perspectives and impartial advice from industry experts on your company’s challenges.

DeepTech Mentoring

Connect with the right collaboration partner?

We are happy to facilitate contact between your company and other businesses in DTU Science Park. By aiding you in collaborations and partnerships, we can collectively leverage the shared resources and expertise in the park, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Whether you are in an early stage or established, our goal is to be your partner and facilitator, connecting you with the right resources and collaboration partners.

Camilla Gilbro

Head of Community

Christina Rich

Community Manager

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