Shared Services

We take responsibility for all the practicalities

Gain the freedom to keep focus on the business

To realise your ambitions, you need the right surroundings. That is why we take responsibility for all the practicalities when you live in DTU Science Park, so you can keep your focus on the task at hand and concentrate on development and growth.

Each day presents practical tasks that require attention but do not directly contribute to the growth of your business. This includes maintenance, engineering, and practical matters – all of which we ensure run smoothly and effortlessly for you.

At DTU Science Park, we cultivate the ideal environment to empower you to achieve your goals, evolve continuously, and ensure steady progress.

Post service
Fælles reception


In Lyngby and Hørsholm, you will find skilled receptionists who answer calls and welcome your guests. This provides visitors with a great first impression of a professional workspace.

Gratis brug af mødelokaler

Meeting rooms

You can access meeting rooms within all our shared facilities at DTU Science Park. Here, you can organise meetings in professional and modern surroundings, whether you are based in Lyngby or Hørsholm. We also have meeting rooms equipped with AV facilities.

Fælles kantine

Lunch arrangement

Sign up for our lunch arrangement and enjoy a delicious buffet daily with healthy food that fuels your workday. This way, you and your coworkers can save yourself the trouble of planning packed lunches during your already busy schedules. You can also have fruit delivered daily.



Throughout the year, we host both professional and social events where you can share knowledge and build relationships. This includes our sports festival, funding bazaar, and weekly Friday bar.

DeepTech Mentoring

Mentorship and networking

Through tailored and ambitious innovation programmes, we help your business develop, learn, and grow. We offer customised mentorship programmes for all types of deep tech companies.

Riccos Kaffebar_lyngby

Ricco's Coffee Bar

Delicious coffee provides new energy and is an integral part of the working day for countless individuals. That is why we have Ricco’s Coffee Bar, where you can get freshly brewed coffee for yourself, client meetings, or casual interactions with colleagues.

Walk & talk

We nurture our green spaces and have crafted pathways designed for walk-and-talks. These paths allow you to recharge and unwind from work in beautiful surroundings.

Outdoor sitting areas

DTU Science Park is encircled by park areas that offer numerous meeting spots in informal green surroundings. This environment allows you to arrange meetings, work outdoors, or enjoy a break from your workday.

Technical service

If you need technical assistance, we are always available. We ensure that the technology essential for your workday runs smoothly, and if you ever need support, we are here to provide technical assistance.

Auditorium access

If you are planning a lecture or conference, our auditorium in Lyngby offers the perfect setting. It can accommodate up to 95 people, and you can book access to the room by appointment.

Car parking

Parking is complimentary and hassle-free at both DTU Science Park locations in Lyngby and Hørsholm. Additionally, we have installed electric vehicle charging stations and are continuously working on adding more.

Porto, print og kopi

Postage, printing, and copying

You can access postage, copying, and printing rooms, helping you minimise the time spent on paperwork. There are multiple printers available in both Lyngby and Hørsholm.

Gardening service

You get beautiful surroundings to optimise your workday. Our dedicated gardeners ensure that the green spaces within DTU Science Park remain inviting and well-kept. Additionally, during winter, they remove snow from roads and parking lots.

Adgang til rabataftaler

Access to discount

Being a part of DTU Science Park comes with the added benefit of accessing our procurement agreement with Visma Logbuy. This entitles you to discounts on various items, from events to everyday purchases.



Work-related strains are well-known. That is why we offer the option of booking a massage to relieve muscle tension and stress. Contact the reception to learn more about our massage arrangement and how to schedule a session.