Ambitious sustainability goals

A journey towards a sustainable Science Park

DTU Science Park needs to be more sustainable

DTU Science Park is actively working towards increased sustainability. This is why we dedicate ourselves to implementing initiatives that contribute to a greener and more environmentally friendly workspace for the 300+ companies based here with us. We have chosen three targeted focus areas:

Bæredygtig forskerpark

DGNB gold certification

We aim for DTU Science Park in Hørsholm to become Denmark’s first business area with a DGNB Gold certification in 2025.

DGNB is a certification scheme aimed at construction, buildings, and urban areas. The system is based on a holistic approach to sustainability (UN’s definition) with the three main pillars: social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

We care for the area

In Hørsholm, we have a 100-hectare park area that we aim to preserve by continuously implementing changes that enhance biodiversity.

This includes practices such as insect-friendly gardening, supporting the growth of green areas to benefit the environment and local wildlife, and installing over 600 bird and owl nesting boxes.

Sustainable innovation

In our acceleration program, GreenUP, we assist startups working on CO2-reducing solutions to develop and implement sustainable initiatives to create a greener world.

Here, they receive assistance in scaling, product development, securing investors, and entering international markets with their green initiatives.


We are dedicated to implementing sustainable initiatives that benefit people and the environment. Get inspired and understand our commitment to creating a more responsible future.

This is how we work with sustainability

Collaboration and engaging with customers are crucial to achieving our ambitious goals. In this process, we aim to inspire our customers to embark on their sustainability efforts. This is how our initiatives create value for the environment and businesses in DTU Science Park.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder


Through a strategic choice of diverse planting and trees, we attract a varied range of animal and plant life, which we protect. We have an increased focus on preserving our green areas, and we collaborate with Vild med Vilje (a Danish organisation that transforms lawns into diverse flower meadows by changing mowing practices). We also collaborate with The Danish Society for Nature Conservation to increase biodiversity in our green areas.

Green electricity

Through 0-Mission, we subscribe to the solar park in Vandel near Vejle. This contributes to producing green energy equivalent to the electricity consumption in the research park in Hørsholm. We and our customers can offset this green power in our CO2 accounts and include this information in ESG reports. Additionally, we are working on electricity-saving initiatives, such as sensor-controlled LED street lighting in the park in Hørsholm.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder

Documentation for the ESG report

As a company in DTU Science Park, it is easy and cost-free to access essential data for your ESG reporting. We provide data on electricity, heat, and water consumption. We also have waste data, recycling rates, and extensive data on the urban area in Hørsholm.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder

Water cycle

We have made significant investments in climate-proofing our buildings and infrastructure to prevent damage to fixtures. In Hørsholm, natural and artificial ponds collect water to reduce stress on the sewer system and ensure natural infiltration.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder


We support enabling company employees to use transportation methods that reduce their CO2 footprint. For example, we have installed 40 electric charging stations for electric cars. An increasing number of employees use Nabogo for carpooling, and soon, the car-sharing service Green Mobility will expand its zone to include Hørsholm. Starting in April 2024, bus 150S will operate with high-frequency service from Nørreport. It runs on electricity and is equipped with a ramp.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder

Recycling of Building Materials

DTU Science Park has a dynamic building infrastructure, which generates surplus furniture and materials for reuse. We are working towards ensuring that valuable materials do not leave the premises or become waste. This allows you to furnish spaces with recycled furniture or circulate used furnishings.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder

Garbage Sorting

Companies are required by law to sort household waste. Across DTU Science Park, you will encounter waste sorting options, and in 2024, we are launching a project to systematize the recycling of foam and polystyrene. In Hørsholm, you can also obtain waste data for your ESG reporting.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder

New construction is DGNB-certified

Our new buildings in Hørsholm are constructed with care and will be DGNB-certified. The urban area in Hørsholm is set to achieve DGNB plan certification by the end of 2023 (and final certification in 2025), while the campus area in Lyngby is scheduled for recertification in 2024. These certifications are evidence that construction and urban development are carried out with a focus on sustainability.

Bæredygtige indsatsområder

Living lab

Is your company testing a product or solution? We provide the urban area and building infrastructure in Hørsholm for testing and demonstrations for your and your customers’ purposes. In addition, we promote your testing through signage and publicity. Testing can include everything from automated sampling toilets to solar heating solutions and lighting projects.

DGNB certification is considered a seal of quality

DGNB is an abbreviation of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen, which developed the certification system. It measures more than 400 different sustainability parameters. The DGNB system is managed and further developed in Denmark by the Council for Sustainable Construction (Rådet for Bæredygtigt Byggeri).

Thus, the certification is impartial and signifies a focus on sustainability down to the details, based on the three primary parameters: social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Our aim is to become Denmark’s first business area with a DGNB gold certification by 2025.

Bæredygtig forskerpark

A natural wildlife and plant life with “Vild med Vilje”

Both the companies, their customers, and the employees of DTU Science Park enjoy using our large green spaces, which we make every effort to preserve. That is why we collaborate with Vild med Vilje, a Danish organisation that creates diverse flower meadows by altering moving practices on lawns and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation.

We make ongoing improvements that cater to biodiversity and wildlife. We provide insect-friendly planting and have set up more than 600 bird and owl boxes.

Our green spaces are designed for human use while taking nature into account. This is why we also establish pathways ideal for leisurely strolls and meaningful conversations, offering a reprieve from the workday or a space to discover inspiration.

Join a workplace with a sustainable focus

When you move into the DTU Science Park, you find yourself in a place that works towards a more sustainable planet.

  • With an address at DTU Science Park, you can use the DGNB Gold Certification logo in your marketing and ESG reporting.
  • When we fell trees, we focus on establishing new planting elsewhere.
  • We collaborate with the Danish Society for Nature Conservation and have, among other things, created 3,000 square meters of butterfly meadows.
  • Use our green areas, perfect for outdoor meetings, a cup of coffee, or walk-and-talks.
  • Easily charge your electric car at charging stations in both Lyngby and Hørsholm.
  • Electric buses make it both easy and environmentally friendly to use public transportation to and from DTU Science Park  (from April 2024).
  • Don’t waste time thinking about your company’s waste. You have access to a great communal solution that offers household-like waste sorting.

Focus on a good balance between new construction and nature

As the leading deep tech environment in the country, we sometimes need to build anew and renovate. This is always done with nature as our collaborator, where we incorporate architecture into our green spaces.

The construction processes are planned to have as little impact on the surroundings as possible, and we donate tree species yearly to the Rudersdal Municipality.

The University of Copenhagen has been granted access to one of our green areas for research and educational projects. You will find Denmark’s largest collection of paradise apple trees, a magnolia garden, and the urban tree arboretum.


The Malus collection is a unique collection featuring more than 80 different varieties of crabapple trees.

The green areas around our buildings are ideal for walk and talks.

We support sustainable innovation

At DTU Science Park, we take on a social responsibility and allocate significant resources each year to create the best possible environment for innovative startups working on sustainable initiatives to bring their solutions to market more easily, quickly, and cost-effectively.

In the GreenUP Accelerator, they receive assistance in scaling, product development, securing investors, and entering international markets with their green initiatives.

Vækstprogram for grønne startups

New Mobility Hub at DTU Science Park in Hørsholm

A new mobility hub, HUB+, will be launched at DTU Science Park in Hørsholm on 23 August 2024. This hub will allow employees to commute to and from work or meetings using electric shared vehicles.

The hub will feature electric bikes from TIER and electric cars from GreenMobility and KINTO.

HUB+ is a European project being tested in Denmark for one year by the Capital Region of Denmark and Rudersdal Municipality.

Become part of a business area that focuses on the environment

Hear about the possibilities of becoming a part of DTU Science Park and schedule a tour of the exact spaces that meet your needs.