Lunch menu

We serve delicious food every day in the canteens in Lyngby and Hørsholm.

See this week's menu and enjoy a delicious lunch with your colleagues.

Week 48



Hot dish: Jerusalem artichoke soup with toppings Vegetarian dish: Jerusalem artichoke soup with toppings


Hot dish: Lasagna

Vegetarian dish: Vegetarian lasagna


Hot dish: Fish with cale

Vegetarian dish: Roasted cauliflower with cabbage and vegan pesto


Hot dish: Chicken meatballs with noodle salad

Vegetarian dish: Vegetarian “meatballs” with noodle salad


Hot dish: Roast pork with red cabbage, potatoes and brown sauce

Vegetarian dish: Salt-baked celery with red cabbage, potatoes and brown sauce



Hot dish: Tomato Soup with black beans

Vegetarian dish: Vegetarian “brændende kærlighed” (Traditionel danish dish with mashed potatoes)


Hot dish: Chicken diablo

Vegetarian dish: Crispy spring rolls with seaweed salad


Hot dish: Fish patties, Jerusalem artichokes, herb mayo

Vegetarian dish: Spicy lentil soup


Hot dish: Pasta bolognese

Vegetarian dish: Vegetarian pasta bolognese


Hot dish: Pulled pork on green risotto

Vegetarian dish: Veggies on green risotto

In addition, we serve mixed salads, bread, and cold cuts in all our cafeterias every day. To avoid unnecessary food waste, there may be occasional days when some dishes are sold out. Therefore, it’s also a good idea to inform the cafeteria if you have guests. We reserve the right to make changes to the menu.

The canteens' opening hours

The canteen in Lyngby
Monday-Friday at 11.00-13.00

Agern Allé 24 in Hørsholm
Monday-Friday at 11.00-13.30

Agern Allé 5A in Hørsholm
Monday-Friday at 11.00-13.00