15 March 2024

From concept to collaboration: DeepTech Alliance gathers deep tech innovation across Europe

Deep tech startups possess the solutions to complex challenges of the future, but the journey for a deep tech startup is complex, lengthy, and costly. Therefore, it’s crucial that these companies receive the proper assistance and network. In 2018, DTU Science Park, with support from the Danish Industry Foundation, launched the international alliance DeepTech Alliance. Today, in 2024, the alliance can operate independently without external support and comprises 11 members across Europe.

DeepTech Alliance is an initiative founded on the principle that one cannot succeed alone. Fortunately, many European actors agreed. In DeepTech Alliance, 11 European startup hubs collaborate to connect deep tech startups with investors and established companies to ensure that these deep tech-based solutions are matched with the capital and market opportunities needed to fully exploit their potential and scale internationally.

Programs in Clean Energy and Industry 4.0

Members of DeepTech Alliance annually conduct three scale-up programs. One targets the Clean Energy sector, another is aimed at the Public Utility sector, and the third focuses on manufacturing companies with a focus on Advanced Production. The common thread among the programs is the significant focus on matching European startups with relevant established industrial companies and investors from around the world. Additionally, in 2025, a program targeting medtech companies is planned.

Significant results have been achieved since the alliance was formed:

  • 35 internationally established companies are engaged in programs driven by DeepTech Alliance.
  • 136 deep tech startups are engaged in programs within DeepTech Alliance.
  • 409 matchmaking meetings have taken place between startups and established companies.
  • 123 collaborations have been established between startups and established companies after completing the program.
  • 89 collaborations between established companies are expected post-programs.

Due to these results, DeepTech Alliance can now operate independently as its own organization after several years of support from the Danish Industry Foundation. Just before the turn of the year, a board was formed, and Enrico Deluchi, CEO of PoliHub in Milan and a member of the alliance, was elected chairperson. He speaks about the vision for the alliance:

”As Chairman of DeepTech Alliance, I am both honored and deeply committed to leading our collective journey in a time calling for cross-border collaboration and sustainable innovation. My belief in a unified Europe, fueled by a passion for innovation, is at the heart of our mission. At DeepTech Alliance, we stand at the forefront of assembling a powerful community of academics, startups, investors, and corporates. Together, we are not just fostering business and innovation; we are embarking on a critical mission.”

The visions for DeepTech Alliance are unmistakable.

In 2026, the alliance aims to have members from 20 European countries, initiatives within five deep tech domains, establish an alumni network consisting of 500 high-quality startups, and a network of 50 corporate partners and 25 preferred investor partners.

Facing the formidable global challenges ahead, we see our role at DeepTech Alliance as not just an opportunity, but a profound obligation to contribute actively to a future that promises sustainable and equitable progress.

Enrico Deluchi
CEO, Polihub & Chairperson, DeepTech Alliance

About DeepTech Alliance

DeepTech Alliance is an international collaboration involving 11 strong members from 11 European countries. The member organizations of DeepTech Alliance collectively evaluate more than 6,500 deep tech companies in Europe each year.

Approximately 800 of these companies are selected to participate in the members’ local startup acceleration programs, after which the most mature among them are appointed to participate in the scale-up programs run by DeepTech Alliance, where they are matched with potential partners, customers, and investors on a European scale.

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