04 March 2024

Co-design of laboratories transforms tenants’ visions into reality

There is much focus on building responsibly among life science companies and investors. To ensure that we meet the sustainability certification DGNB Gold and fulfill the functionality requirements of life science companies, we collaborate closely with the initial tenants in our new laboratory building construction.
Newly built laboratories

From 2024 to 2026, DTU Science Park is constructing a new laboratory building spanning 12,000 square meters in Hørsholm. Its location within the research park creates optimal conditions for networking with other ambitious life science companies.

The building will be DGNB Gold certified, marking the first laboratory construction in DTU Science Park to achieve this sustainability certification. It will feature modern laboratories tailored to the research needs of individual life science companies, along with a cafeteria, offices, meeting rooms, and equipment rooms.

The first tenants in the new high-tech laboratory building have a unique opportunity to shape their laboratories and workspaces according to their needs. Contact us, and let's discuss the possibilities at DTU Science Park and how we can tailor the laboratories to your research.
OBS: 50% of the laboratories are claimed!

Does it result in better research when building according to DGNB?

The goal of DGNB is to create a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable building. However, it’s a balancing act – especially in laboratory construction – to increase the focus on sustainability while also meeting the functional requirements of tenants.

It is important that we think long-term about the climate impact and the well-being of daily users while ensuring that the laboratories function in the day-to-day operations for the companies.

Jasper Wittenkamp
Project Manager, DTU Science Park

“By incorporating DGNB from the outset, we can create a holistic building that exudes thoughtfulness. The result is happier people going to work,” explains Jasper Wittenkamp.

How we meet DGNB standards and tailor the laboratories to the tenants' needs

To achieve DGNB Gold in the laboratory building, we have initially established the framework for a standard laboratory based on the DGNB criteria. Since research varies significantly among life science companies, we must involve prospective tenants early on. Several dependencies and workflows must be considered to ensure the laboratories are tailored precisely to their research and needs. The collaboration between DTU Science Park and prospective tenants ensures that we maintain the overall construction quality, meeting the requirements for DGNB Gold while accommodating the tenants’ functional requirements. The interest in building holistically with a focus on reducing environmental impact is also clearly reflected among investors and customers.

There are increasing demands on us as landlords to build and operate our buildings responsibly. As a modern research park, customers expect us to focus on sustainability, just as they need to use data for their ESG reporting. We expect inquiries from companies to increase significantly this year.

Lars Birch
Chief Real Estate Officer, DTU Science Park

What are the benefits for the tenants with a DGNB certification?

A DGNB certification guarantees that the building is constructed with a focus on creating a pleasant work environment and leaving a reduced carbon footprint. Focus areas include energy efficiency, water management, and environmentally friendly building materials.

Benefits for companies located in a certified building

  • Lower operating costs:
    DGNB-certified buildings are often more energy-efficient, resulting in lower operating costs and savings on energy bills over time.
  • Good indoor air quality:
    DGNB places significant emphasis on indoor air quality, including sound and air quality, thermal comfort, and lighting. These factors contribute to a healthier and more comfortable work environment for the people working in the building.
  • High social value and responsibility:
    DGNB also evaluates social factors such as access to public transportation, sharing economy solutions, the quality of the surrounding area, and facilities in the building. All of this contributes to a more socially responsible work environment.
  • Positive branding:
    Having an address in a DGNB-certified building enhances the company’s overall image. It sends a positive signal to stakeholders, suppliers, customers, and employees who wish to be associated with an organization that takes responsibility for the environment. DGNB can thus become part of the company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) efforts.Future-proofing building use:
    Based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculations, DGNB-certified buildings are designed and constructed with future functionality and technological developments in mind. It contributes to the building remaining relevant and potentially changing functions without needing to be demolished, making it cost-effective over time.
deep tech brancher

DTU Science Park's sustainability efforts

The DGNB system is structured to distinguish between “urban areas,” “new buildings,” and “existing buildings that are in operation but need renovation.”

At DTU Science Park, we aim to become Denmark’s first business area to achieve DGNB Gold certification for the entire urban area. Additionally, we have decided that all new construction in DTU Science Park in Hørsholm will be DGNB-certified, thus ensuring thoughtful consideration for the surroundings and users.

The urban area in Hørsholm obtained its DGNB planning certification in early 2024, while the campus area in Lyngby is scheduled for recertification in 2024. These certifications prove our commitment to ensuring that construction and urban development are conducted with a focus on sustainability.

The upcoming laboratory building will be the first DGNB-certified laboratory in DTU Science Park. Additionally, two headquarters in the park are DGNB-certified.

All our new construction projects achieve at least DGNB Gold. Additionally, we have an ambition to eventually introduce ‘DGNB for buildings in operation,’ which focuses on optimizing our existing buildings towards a more sustainable direction.

Lars Birch
Chief Real Estate Officer, DTU Science Park

DGNB-certified buildings in DTU Science Park

DHI’s headquarters from 2018 is DGNB silver-certified.

DGNB guldcertificering

Novonesis (formerly Chr. Hansen) Innovation Campus from 2023 is DGNB Gold-certified. Photo credit: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and photographer ©Rasmus Hjortshøj.